Grief Should Be Welcomed

Grief should be met
And received
And accepted
With open arms
And a willing heart
Tears should flow
In abundance
Wherever, whenever
There should be no limitations
Of time and place
Grief should be poured out
It should not be restricted
It should not be silenced
Grief should be spoken
In conversation
It should be talked upon
Till it stops hurting
Till the memory does not causes pain
But brings a glimmer of hope
And a ray of smile
Grief should be befriended
For friends come and stay and talk and teach
And then they walk away when the time is right
Grief should be welcomed
It is not a foe
It is a sweet companion
It brings forth fond memories too
Let them slip away in strings of tears
For they represent your longing
Your love
Grief should be welcomed
It should be met with open arms
The deeper the grief
The greater the longing
Let it stay
For it is your friend
It opens the heart
And heals the wound
Let it stay
As long as it wants to
It should be welcomed


Fear of pain is but an illusion

Fear is nothing but an illusion

Pain in every possible paradigm is learning

The hurt it brings is only for us to grow

Pain is not to be feared, it is a path to self, a journey to be walked upon

If you never experience hurt or pain , you shall never grow

Stagnant waters seldom flow


Take my heart

I am running after the illusion of love

Of skin flesh and bones

Take my heart My Beloved

Take it in your hand and spin it unto your desire your love

Till i chase away all my demons

And I run screaming after you

Take my heart my Beloved

And let it love You


Where do I go

Where do I go

Who do I go to

When moments steal away my breath

When joy carresses my feet

When my heart swells up with love and gratitude

And you are the only one I’d like to tell

And you are the only one who isn’t by my side

Where do I go 

Where do I go

Who do I go to


Being kind is better than being right

We are so engrossed in being right, doing right,  speaking(politically-religiously)right, proving ourselves right, we have forgotten that it is most important to be kind.

Be kind with our words, our intentions, our actions, be kind with others and ourselves.
The mind teaches us the difference between wrong and right, the heart teaches us being kind is far more vital.

We were supposed to follow our heart and reach further, but somewhere fighting the war on right & wrong, we just remained slaves of our mind.


In love there is no I, there is only you

It is the sweetest surrender

Where I lay my soul bare

For you to take shelter

All that I desire takes flight

For the heart has won its fight

There is no more of me

There is no such thing as I

For I find peace when give

In love there is no I, there is only you

You are not your goals

Sometimes there isn’t a grand goal or a picture to paint

Sometimes some people’s life actually filled with small joys wonders, accomplishments and all those tiny fragments make them who they are.

They are not 1 achievement 1 name  1 label 1 trophy 1 success 1 passion

They are a 1000 different things- thats who they are
You are not one life goal one life passion

You are a galaxy – filled and made up of a myriad of different things shining so brightly and making you who are